Bowser Takes Stampede Title; Lux Bests Lates; King Jr Outlasts Williamson


(Patrick Miller Photo)

Sarver, PA (October 14, 2017) The 2017 season came to a close on Saturady night in front of a rather large crowd and unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies. And when the dust settled, nine feature events and a 100-lap Enduro fell under the checkered flag. Among the winners were some usual suspects and some solid performances from some first time Stampede winners.

In the Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprints, Carl Bowser took the early lead and never looked back while navigating lapped traffic with precision en route his first career in Stampede action. Matt Lux had an early lead in the Precise Racing DIRTcar Late Model main event until track champion Michael Norris took the lead just three laps in. Norris looked to be in command until a caution with 20 laps re-stacked the field. On the ensuing restart, Lux got the better jump and kept Norris behind him the rest of the way to collect the feature victory.

Track champion Mat Williamson started on the pole of the Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified main event and looked to be on the way to yet another win until Rex King Jr made his way around him and kept the field behind him the rest of the way, including surviving a last ditch effort by Williamson to take the win away coming out of the last set of turns on the final lap. King crossed the line first and took the $3,000 payday.

Russ King looked to have things under control in the RUSH Late Models with a commanding performance until smoke coming from the back of his car proved to be terminal. John Waters was able to inherit the lead and keep the field behind him the rest of the way in collecting the victory while Bryce Davis took the honors as touring series champion. In DIRTcar Open Pro Stock action, Curtis Bish took an early lead and survived multiple restarts to claim his first career Stampede victory over Chris Schneider.

Steve Slater won a caution marred RUSH Sportsman Modifed main event, coming out ahead in a thrilling three car battle between himself, Alan Dellinger and Rocky Kugel in the closing laps. Kugel’s second place finish earned him the weekly series championship, while Kyle Martell took the honors in touring series action. Meanwhile, in the 305 RaceSaver Sprint portion of the evening, Greg Dobrosky pulled off a last lap pass of Ray Sheetz en route to Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane in a race Sheetz looked to be in complete command of.

Jonathan Taylor cruised to victory in the DIRTcar/UMP Modifed main event while Matt Lux came from the 26th spot to find his way to a podium finish in just 20 laps. And in 4 Cylinder action, Josh Boozel managed to take his third career victory, easily handling the field while Joe Campbell took his second 100- Lap Enduro event of 2017, besting a 69 car field in the process.

Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprints Main Event (25-Laps; $3,000 to win)

(98) Carl Bowser
(23J) Jack Sodeman Jr.
(42) Sye Lynch
(2) AJ Flick
(08) Dan Kuriger
(7K) Dan Shetler
(76) Davey Jones
(40) George Hobaugh
(23) Darren Pifer
(12) Darrin Gallagher
(08F) Andy Feil
(1R) Gale Ruth JR.
(44) Pete Landram
(G1) Mike Miller
(46) Michael Bauer
(27K) Jeremy Kornbau
(91) Sadie Siegel
(4K) Bill Kiley
(49) Bob Howard
(311) Nevan O’Donnell

Precise Racing DIRTcar Late Models Main Event (25-Laps; $3,000 to win)

(111) Matt Lux
(72) Michael Norris
(56) Russ King
(1C) Mike Pegher Jr.
(10) Alex Ferree
(12) Ryan Montgomery
(4) Ed Ferree
(29) Ken Schaltenbrand
(66) Todd Bachman
(10L) Gary Lyle
(11R) Bobby Rohrer
(69) Jon Hodgkiss
(14R) Clay Ruffo
(81) Mike Miller
(7) Jake Gunn
(55) Chris Schneider
(42) Matt Dobnak
(15K) Kelvin Kohan
(23) Tony Burke
(9) Clayton Kennedy
(W3) John Wayne Weaver
(11) Joshua Powell
(92) Jayme Beck
(91) Weston A. Phillis
(77) Danny Huston
(B8) Tom Bateman
(84) Andrew Wylie

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds Main Event (25-Laps; $3,000)

(165) Rex King Jr.
(6m) Mat Williamson
(37md) Jeremiah Shingledecker
(4J) John Mollick
(29) Garrett Krummert
(19W) Justin Wright
(65) Rex King Sr.
(83) Brian Swartzlander
(96) Mike Turner
(26) Rick Richner
(13) Rick Regalski
(75) Jeff Miller
(33) Jim Kurpakus
(96B) Bob Warren
(45) Steve Feder
(69) Tom Mattocks
(R13) Ralph McBride
(83T) Tom Glenn
(88) Shawn Fleeger
(12W) Travis Walsh
(18) Colton Walters
(82) Joshua Deems
(64) Rodney Beltz
(27R) Dave Reges

RUSH Late Models Main Event (25-Laps; $2,000 to win)

(11L ) John Waters
(94) Bryce Davis
(03) Garret Pugh
(3J) Jeremy Wonderling
(4) Jason Knowles
(3) Bruce Hordusky Jr.
(12x) Daryl Charlier
(7) Brian Knowles
(RJ1) Mike Pegher Jr.
(27w) Eric Wilson
(91) Chad Homan
(X3) Wyatt Scott
(F1) Nico Dabecco
(948) Joey Zambotti
(11P) Wendell Pinckney
(33X) Greg Beach
(09) Bill Kessler
(27T) Tony White
(01W) Khole Wanzer
(56) Russ King
(12s) Brian Swank
(c33) Corey McPherson
(1st) Christian Schneider
(6) Chad Wright
(09w) Pete Wearing

DIRTCar/UMP Modified Main Event (20-Laps; $1,000 to win)

(5T) Jonathan Taylor
(14) Scott Stiffler
(21) Matt Lux
(83E) Ed Vogel
(6m) Carl McKinney
(11) Dale Charlier
(222) Russ Dunn
(68) Randy Hall
(2J) Troy Johnson
(65M) Kevin Miller
(D7) Nolan Dalton
(54s) Shawn Shingledecker
(2G) Jesse Gould
(7) Evan Taylor
(19) Butch Lambert
(26D) Derek Deusenberry
(70B) Brandon Blakshear
(25) Chris Rudolph
(3) Denny Nakutis
(4J) Jim Plance
(1*) Jesse McClain
(33) Josh Ferry
(33M) Bob Moskey
(67) Jack Young
(27) Jeff Johnson
(14A) Amanda Stiffler

DIRTcar Open Pro Stocks Main Event (20-Laps; $1,500)

(29) Curtis Bish
(16M) Chris Schneider
(11T) Randy Wyant
(3s) Paul Schreckengost
(10) Tyler Dietz
(26) Mike Bordt
(c33) Corey McPherson
(81) Mike Miller
(30) Bob Egley
(1s) Kyle Shannon
(948) Joey Zambotti
(29B) Scott Byers
(4s) Ricky Steigerwald
(31) Noah Brunell
(22J) Pete Wearing
(26) Mike Bordt
(19N) Troy Norman
(98) Jamie Gibbs
(T6) Michael Miller
(64) Rob Shook
(54) Wayne Carbo
(310) Dale Tuche
(35B) Jacob Dietz
(25) Brett McDonald
(67J) Jamie Duncan
(66) Joe Kelley
(73) Jason Fosnaught- Disqualified- Light at scales.

305 RaceSaver Sprint Main Event (20-Laps; $800 to win)

(88) Greg Dobrosky
(99) Ray Sheetz
(27) Vinny Dougherty
(RG3) Drew Ritchey
(00s) Randy Sterling
(79W) Will Fleming
(6x) Brad Mellott
(29B) Robbie Bartchy
(11X) Robert Garvey
(28) Brian Wright
(41) Matthew Gardina
(3G) Joshua Guiher
(17T) Jeff Taylor
(331) Nevan O’Donnell
(34) Glenn Noland
(4J) Jake Gomola

RUSH Sportsman Modifeds Main Event (20-Laps; $800 to win)

(29) Steve Slater
(83x) Rocky Kugel
(8W) Alan Dellinger
(8) Kyle Martell
(9D) Josh Deems
(14s) Justin Shea
(C3) Chas Wolbert
(2) Kole Holden
(5) Brian Sadler
(00) Rob Kristyak
(86) Shayne Izzo
(17) Brandon Ritchey
(63) Jessica Kriegisch
(43J) Blaze Myers
(10) Chelsie Kriegisch
(4) Will Schaffer
(35W) Jeremy Weaver
(22) Kevin Long
(58) Tiffany Williams
(28J) Jacob Jordan
(28H) Jason Hufnagel
(132) Brandon Michaud

4 Cylinder Main Event (15- Laps; $500 to win)

(151) Eric Boozel
(28) Bradley Hensel
(21) Ricky Weaver Jr.
(95) April Tennant
(18x) Gary Hensel
(10) Bill Fuchs
(00) Tyler Fulton
(46) Stephen Crowe
(48) Kyler Jolley
(4) Patrick Crawford
(8) Ed Haylett
(13) Greg Kiehl
(24) Pat Drennan
(69) Michael Phillipson
(1) Ben Lehane
(17) Wayne Newbury
(101) Jerry Adkins
(40) Noah Swank
(CO4) David Seibert
(W5) Bill Hassenplug
(2) Bill Tennant
(17s) Shane Shook
(13J) Jay Swager JR.
(14K) Kylee Longwell
(34) J.R.Shaner
(18) Doug Hensel
(59) Jerry Batcher
(97) Andrew Nail

Enduro Finish Top 5 (100-Laps; $1,000 to win)

­­(40c) Joe Campbell
(145) Ray Seibert
(43) Tim Gillette
(91) Andrew Smith
(17F) Matt Feder

RUSH Late Model Last Chance Showdown #1 (Top 2 Transfer)

(01W) Khole Wanzer
(01) Bill Kessler
(16) Clinton Hersh
(z17) Kyle Zimmerman
(3s) Andy Spooner
(90J) Mike Duritsky
(27T) Tony White
(21M) Michael Ott
(90) Cory SInes
(09H) Eric Reinwald

RUSH Late Model Last Chance Showdown #2 (Top 2Transfer)

(12s) Brian Swank
(11p) Wendell Pinckney
(10) Zach Kane
(15) Chad Sines
(93) Cory Lawler
(21J) Jamie Wrightsman
(28s) Bob Swartzmiller
(3H) Hunter Hulley
(114G) Zach Gunn- (Did Not Start)

RUSH Late Model K&N Cold Air Induction Dash

(56) Russ King
(11L) John Waters
(6) Chad Wright
(94) Bryce Davis
(7) Brian Knowles
(RJ1) Mike Pegher Jr.
(3J) Jeremy Wonderling
(4) Jason Knowles

RUSH Late Model Non Qualifier Race

(16) Clinton Hersh
(10) Zach Kane
(x17Cory Lawler
(15) Kyle Zimmerman
(15) Chad Sines
(28s) Bob Swartzmiller
(3s) Andy Spooner
(90) Cory Sines
(09H) Eric Reinwald
(21J) Jamie Wrightsman
(90J) Mike Duritsky
RUSH Sportsman Modified Dash

(63) Jessica Kriegisch
(14s) Justin Shea
(00) Rob Kristyak
(4) Will Schaffer
Car Counts:

Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprints: 20

Precise Racing DIRTcar Late Models: 27

Diehl Automotive Big Block Modifieds:24

RUSH Late Models:39

DIRTcar/UMP Modifieds:29

DIRTcar Open Pro Stocks: 27

305 RaceSaver Sprints: 16

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds: 22

4 Cylinders: 30

Enduros: 69

Total: 302

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